On a recent trip to the dentist, friend of the site James G. was offered the chance for a “happy morning”, thanks to this sign:

Impregnated Toothbrush
A “toothbrush impregnated with toothpaste”.

The venn diagram of “things which should be impregnated” and “things which are going in my mouth” is two non-touching circles. To be sure, the usage of the word is accurate as far as the dictionary definition goes:

Definition of IMPREGNATE
1a : to cause to be filled, imbued, permeated, or saturated <impregnate wood with varnish>
b : to permeate thoroughly

2: to make pregnant : fertilize

And it actually could have been even worse. After all, another dictionary definition which fits is that of the word “inseminated”:

Definition of INSEMINATE
1 : sow

2: to introduce semen into the genital tract of (a female)

Still, how about just using the word “infused”?