Next Up, Quaker Oatmeal Fried Clams 

These brand collaborations are a never-ending source of amusement.

I try not to yuck other people’s yums, but it was long ago established that adults should not drink Mountain Dew. If you are going to drink Mountain Dew as an adult, I can think of no worse way to do so than in a “DEW® Garita, the first official MTN DEW® cocktail”. It’s coming soon to a Red Lobster near you, and it is awful. Behold!

A bright green Mountain Dew based glass of awfulness
This picture was clearly not taken at a Red Lobster, as it is utterly lacking in dank

From the classy copper cocktail shaker to the smaller-than-the-rim-of-the-glass dish of Old Bay (?), to the sickeningly neon green drink itself, that photograph is, in a word, incongruous. Then again, so is a brand pairing of Mountain Dew and Red Lobster.