An Embarrassment of Riches 

Still and all, for $230.5 million, I'd sign that.

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray just signed a massive $230.5 million contract extension. That’s a whole lot of money. And yet, somehow, the contract is a little bit embarrassing. It contains an “independent study requirement”, stipulating that Murray is required to spend four hours studying football each week:

The contract specifically reads: “Player shall not receive any credit for Independent Study with respect to any time periods during which any material is displayed or played on an iPad or electronic device if (a) Player is not personally studying or watching the material while it is being displayed or played or (b) Player is engaged in any other activity that may distract his attention (for example, watching television, playing video games or browsing the internet) while such material is being displayed or played,” per Rapoport.

Something tells me noted obsessive Tom Brady’s contract does not include a provision of this nature. In fact, that contract probably ought to have the reverse, provisions requiring him to spend a few minutes with his family or eat a goddamned tomato.

Anyhow, at least Murray’s contract didn’t specifically mention “viewing pornography”. It’s nice that they went with the more polite phrase of “browsing the internet”.