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Fun with SiriusXM

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

Modern rental cars often include SiriusXM radios, and they can be fun to fiddle with it. In addition to a decent variety of music, you can catch baseball games, tune in to terrible talk radio, or simply marvel at the ridiculous number of channels on offer. Sadly, a once-humorous divide in political channels is no longer as ridiculous as it once was. Years back, Sirius offered “Sirius Left” for left-wingers and “Sirius Patriot” for right-wingers. Now they’ve got the more ambiguous pairing of “SiriusXM Progress” and “SiriusXM Patriot”.

My favorite way to enjoy SiriusXM is with the alerts it can pop to inform you when music you want to hear is playing. When you begin a road trip, just star your favorite songs and artists as you hear them. When that song or artist plays again, on any station, the radio will pop an alert. With a quick tap, you can tune in and get that party started. Now, my rule is that you must tune in, which can have some interesting consequences. If you star enough artists, or the song of the moment (currently it’s The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face”1), you’ll get very frequent pop-ups. You might not hear a full song for some time, but you’ll be amused to flip repeatedly, possibly from a song to the same song starting on another channel. See how many tracks you can chain together, without ever hearing the end. My record is thirteen different songs.

Because these are rental cars, sometimes you’ll find other people’s favorites still on there. You can clear these out easily enough. Of course, when you do, you might just be presented with something like this “Who’s On First?”-esqe dialog.

Delete Yes

I like to think that whoever favorited this artist did so solely to make some future person see this ridiculous dialog box. I’ll certainly be favoriting “Yes” whenever possible, explicitly for this reason.


  1. The Weeknd, I think you may be having a stroke. This is no laughing matter. Please stop singing, and seek immediate medical attention. ↩︎

Fun With the Airlines

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

As we near our 10th straight year of living in a world of constant, illogical fear, it may seem unlikely that one could have any fun at all with an airline. Whether it’s finding yourself nickel-and-dimed in every imaginable way, having the TSA meet the resistance, or simply dealing with being packed in tightly with your fellow man, traveling by air can be quite dispiriting.

Nevertheless, there remain opportunities for tomfoolery. Often when booking airline travel, one will be presented with an option to select a prefix or title. The result of this choice is meaningless (though selecting one appropriate for your gender is likely advisable), making it a great place for a little chuckle. To wit:

Delta Booking
Strangely, Delta feels I’m worthy of reverence.

Continental Booking for Sir Paul
Continental also shows respect.

Weeks or months later, when you get your ticket, you can laugh at the title your past self has bestowed upon you. There are usually an assortment of options, but the above two have some of the best deniability in case anyone calls you on your nonsense. Recently however, when signing up for Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program, an option too fantastic to be ignored was offered:

Frequent Flyer Card
Professor Doctor

Yes, thanks to Lufthansa, I’m now a card-carrying Professor Doctor. I haven’t decided on a field yet, but Professor Doctor of Love seems sure to impress the ladies.

I assumed two titles would be the maximum I could get out of an airline, and felt quite pleased. Then, I saw the envelope in which they’d sent the card:

Mister Professor Doctor!

The next challenge? Suffixes. Mister Professor Doctor Paul Kafasis, Esquire really rolls off the tongue.