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Therapy Dogs at Work 

Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

Speaking of animals at work, why not enjoy a delightful collection of therapy dogs helping people.

Oh hi!

Mark It Zero! 

Thursday, June 27th, 2019

Over at The Atlantic’s photo blog In Focus, Alan Taylor recently shared a random collection of interesting photos from the past that visitors might enjoy. In addition to flying nuns and a corgi from decades past, this photograph of Richard Nixon bowling caught my eye.

Richard M. Nixon bowling, and committing a foul by stepping over the boundary line.

I’m sorry Nixon, you were over the line. That’s a foul. You’re going to have to mark that a zero.

Some Like It Hot 

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

In the past several decades, the percentage of women found in most any type of workplace has increased. As a result, a battle has raged over the thermostat, where men seem to prefer the AC blasting while women wish someone would turn up the damned heat. A recent experiment indicates office temperature may actually have an impact on cognitive skills and productivity.

A Demand for Insecure Insulin Pumps 

Friday, May 3rd, 2019

Because of a useful security flaw, old insulin pumps are in fascinating high demand. It’s very clear that “looping” is the future of diabetes management, and for a group of users willing to hack their own system, it’s already here.

My Kind of Holiday 

Monday, March 25th, 2019

Last Saturday was some sort of “National Puppy Day”, so The Atlantic created a collection of very good dogs.

High Ten!

Sound Bites 

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

Here is a collection of dogs being interviewed.

Please enjoy.

Also Worth Noting, He’s Currently Hurting Nearly Everyone

Friday, January 11th, 2019

Earlier this week, I read a New York Times piece on the small Florida town of Marianna, and how it was being affected by the on-going federal government shutdown. The story ended with this quote.

“I voted for him, and he’s the one who’s doing this,” she said of Mr. Trump. “I thought he was going to do good things. He’s not hurting the people he needs to be hurting.”

The utter awfulness of that line has been stuck in my head ever since. The initial reaction to this should be obvious: The president of the United States doesn’t need to be hurting anyone. That’s not the job, and if you think it is, something is deeply, sickeningly wrong with you.

There’s a lot to unpack in that line. Perhaps the most striking aspect of it is the solidification that for some people, cruelty is the point of a Trump presidency. For some percentage of his supporters, making America great again expressly means inflicting pain on others, not as a byproduct but as a goal. That’s extremely disheartening.

I hope we can be better than this. I wish I knew how to get there.

But hey, I ought to at least try to provide a dark laugh about this whole thing, right? So, here’s a tweet from over three years ago that applies perfectly to this story:

Via Adrian Bott

Haha! Haha…ha…*sob*.

Freedom! Horrible, Horrible Freedom!

Monday, December 17th, 2018

For the 2018 holiday season, Macy’s created an ad called “Space Station”, featuring an astronaut in space who’s missing both her daughter and Christmas.1 The astronaut video chats to stay in touch with her family. Her doleful daughter asks if she’ll be home for Christmas, but alas, she will not. The mother does have a cardboard snowman named “Sunny” her daughter likely made to take up with her.

This ad was featured prominently during the Thanksgiving Day parade, which included a new floating balloon for “Sunny the Snowpal”2.

Sunny in real life

While I’m sure it was expensive to produce, it is also a very bad ad. When Christmas arrives and the astronaut is still up in space, her family video calls her. On the call, her daughter instructs her to get Sunny and “open it, open it, open it”. That’s perturbing, but she gamely rips open the poor snowpal’s guts, and plucks out a snow globe. Alright, I guess. The bigger problem is this:

Houston, we’re about to have hundreds of small problems.

Apparently, the snow globe was surrounded by tiny styrofoam pellets, which are now floating in the space station’s microgravity. In the ad, the astronaut cheerily feels like she’s enjoying snow. In reality, that would simply have to cause some issues, in the same way that crumbs would:

Koren: Which foods are the most difficult to prepare for space?

Kloeris: Anything that creates a lot of crumbs. Crumbs are very difficult to deal with in microgravity because they’re just messy. When they get loose, they can make it into the air filtration system. You have to find a way to clean them up, and that usually involves a vacuum cleaner.

But hey, maybe Macy’s can make a Gravity inspired follow-up, where the mother comes crashing back to Earth and ultimately reunites with her daughter just in time for Thanksgiving 2019.


  1. As always, the relevant video is archived here.↩︎

  2. Here’s what the Macy’s parade web site lists as a “Fun Fact” about the balloon: “Sunny is an original character created for Macy’s 2018 holiday campaign”. Gosh, that is fun. ↩︎

Thank You, Climb Again 

Friday, December 14th, 2018

Recently, The Atlantic compiled a series of photos of tourist attractions in China that take place at impressive altitudes. The first image really had me thinking about the guy who runs this store:

Photo of a convenience store on 100 meters up on the side of a cliff

I don’t know what the markup is at that convenience store, but it’s not enough.

Tree of Blood 

Friday, December 7th, 2018

Thanks to a tweet shared by friend-of-the-site Daniel Jalkut, I’ve got a Barvd one-off to ruin your appetite today. As The Atlantic reports, this is an intact blood clot in the exact shape of the right bronchial tree.

It’s so very red!

That’s disgusting. It’s also oddly beautiful.