Hello prospective advertiser! Did you know that you, yes you, can sponsor a week of great content on One Foot Tsunami? It’s true!

Read on for more details, then get in touch.


Your sponsorship of One Foot Tsunami is exclusive for a full week, and includes a post on Monday morning, which will appear on the site as well as in the RSS feed. You can write the post, and the title, and include links as desired. The pithier your message is, the more likely it is to get noticed, but you can use up to 200 words or so.

The cost for a weekly sponsorship is just $250.

Who reads One Foot Tsunami? Well, my mom is a big fan, for one. But there are also 11,000 RSS feed subscribers and approximately 10,000 unique monthly site visitors who will see your message. That audience is wide and varied, but judging by the site’s content, they’re intelligent fans of the comically absurd. Or possibly just people who like pictures of things with googly eyes on them. Either way, they’ll see your ad and be intrigued.


Interested? Swell! Just get in touch to get started.