The Weirdest 151 Seconds of Your Day

Monday, July 20th, 2009

If this video isn’t the weirdest 151 seconds of your day, your life is far too interesting.1

An attempted song transcription:
Oh, hi. I’m Nicholas Cage, and this is a song for you:

My favorite things, my favorite things.
Blue jean sea(?), a red-haired girl,
Sweet peanut butter, a slow-burning candle,
A cup of tea and a good book,
A dance with a reindeer (?!),
and also…
Yeah, Pachinko.

My favorite bit, however, is Cage’s incredibly insincere “Sorry!” at the end of the fourth commercial. Fantastic.

Update: The best suggestions I’ve heard are “Blue Aegean Sea” (via @antichrista) which sounds plausible and “blue jeans, seeing a red haired girl” (via @jsnell), which I just don’t hear. No one has any suggestions for the second questionable line.


  1. The video is also archived here. ↩︎

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