The Weirdest 151 Seconds of Your Day

If this video isn’t the weirdest 151 seconds of your day, your life is far too interesting.1

An attempted song transcription:
Oh, hi. I’m Nicholas Cage, and this is a song for you:

My favorite things, my favorite things.
Blue jean sea(?), a red-haired girl,
Sweet peanut butter, a slow-burning candle,
A cup of tea and a good book,
A dance with a reindeer (?!),
and also…
Yeah, Pachinko.

My favorite bit, however, is Cage’s incredibly insincere “Sorry!” at the end of the fourth commercial. Fantastic.

Update: The best suggestions I’ve heard are “Blue Aegean Sea” (via @antichrista) which sounds plausible and “blue jeans, seeing a red haired girl” (via @jsnell), which I just don’t hear. No one has any suggestions for the second questionable line.


  1. The video is also archived here. ↩︎