The One Foot Tsunami Archives

Hello, intrepid reader. If you’ve come to the One Foot Tsunami Archives, you’re likely looking for more to read. Swell! The following links should assist you.

Best Of

A small percentage of posts are tagged as “Best Of”. Most were chosen because they’ve been popular in terms of links and traffic. A few were picked simply because I like them.

Read the Best Of archive.


Features are longer-form pieces, which are largely self-contained. They’re tend to be some of my favorite posts; I only wish I had the time to write more of them. About one-third of the posts on OFT are features.

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About two-thirds of the posts on OFT are Links, which lead you to another page on the web which I suspect is worth your time in some way. They also include (a usually small amount of) commentary on the matter at hand.

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Read It All From Day One

Perhaps you want to read all of One Foot Tsunami, since day one. Since OFT has a single post per weekday, it’s actually possible to read the whole thing. If you’re up for it, thank you! That’s quite the compliment.

To read it all, start at the very first post, from way back in 2009.