The One Foot Tsunami Archives

Hello, intrepid reader. If you’ve come to the One Foot Tsunami Archives, you’re likely looking for more to read. Swell! The following links should assist you.

Best Of

A small percentage of posts are tagged as “Best Of”. Most were chosen because they’ve been popular in terms of links and traffic. A few were picked simply because I like them.

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Features are longer-form pieces, which are largely self-contained. They’re tend to be some of my favorite posts; I only wish I had the time to write more of them. About one quarter of the posts on OFT are features.

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Most posts on OFT are Links, which take you to another page on the web which I think is worth your time in some way. They also include (a usually small amount of) commentary on the matter at hand.

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Over time, I’ve created categories of posts which go together thematically. Below is a full list of these categories.

  • Ad Creep – Advertising is on a relentless march to worm its way into every corner of our lives. Yuck.

  • Apple – Posts relating to the world’s biggest fruit company/computer manufacturer

  • Ass Kickers – There are bad-ass women in the world, and they deserve to be recognized.

  • Bad Ads – There are bad ads in the world, and they deserve to be mocked.

  • Barvd – A collection of the foulest things posted to social media

  • Baseball Bloopers – Detailing absurdity in the game of baseball

  • Bat Dogs – Canines are coming for your jobs, bat boys!

  • By The Numbers – Math-based humor

  • Cephalopods – Octopuses (or octopi, or octopodes) are great, as are some of your better squid and cuttlefish.

  • COVID-19 – Posts related to the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020

  • Emoji – 👁️ ❤️ 😀

  • Engaging With Brands – Sometimes, I accidentally engage with a brand.

  • Fun With – Screwing around with systems

  • Googly Eyes – Putting googly eyes on things is just funny.

  • Headlines – In the finest tradition of Jay Leno, a comical look at news headlines

  • In My Inbox – I get emails. I get dumb, dumb emails.

  • In My Mailbox – I also get snail mail. I get dumb, dumb snail mail.

  • License Plates – License plates have proven to be an unusual source of amusement.

  • Lists – Collections of comical things

  • Money Quotes – Ridiculous quotes from the news

  • Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest – For seven glorious years, I covered this hideous spectacle.

  • North Korea – Fascinating stories from the Hermit Kingdom

  • Oral Histories – Oral histories of interesting topics

  • Our Terrible Future – Not all uses of technology are positive

  • Questions – When I see dumb things in the world, I often have questions.

  • Real or Fake – Everyone’s favorite news-based game

  • Reviewbombs – Dropping goofy reviews on unsuspecting Amazon products

  • Ridiculous Products – There are some truly stupid products in the world these days.

  • Running – Running-related posts.

  • Security Theater – Keeping citizens placated, if not safe

  • Signs of Intelligent Life – Hilariously flawed signs seen in the real world

  • Slogans – Free slogans, available for the taking

  • Stories in Pictures – Posts where the pictures tell the story, because it’s far easier to snap 4 pictures than it is to write 4,000 words

  • Things I Learned – I consider myself a student of life.

  • This Week in Trump – The aptly named TWIT summarizes the worst of the worst from the past week of Donald Trump.

Retired Categories

Older categories which wll no longer receive new entries are listed here:

  • Election Watch 2016 – A now tremendously depressing set of posts related to America’s 2016 presidential election

  • Groupoff – Deal websites produce a lot of crap.

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