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Followup on the Salter Brecknell PS1000 Veterinary 1000lb Scale Reviewbomb

A couple weeks ago, I invited readers to participate in a new Reviewbomb for the Salter Brecknell PS1000 Veterinary 1000lb Scale. So what did folks came up with?

The title of Scott McC’s review really says it all: “Too small for the serious camel enthusiast”. Roshan Vyas discussed the opposite problem, declaring the scale “Way too big for a miniature dachshund”. Meanwhile, Smashie’s review was full of fabulous fat momma jokes not heard since (or even during) the early 90s:

Sure, you already know that your mama is so fat that when her beeper goes off people think she’s backing up. But if you need to know exactly how much counterweight you need in your trebuchet to launch her over the walls of that enemy fortress, you need to know how much she actually weighs.

Perhaps the best of all, however, is from my pal Scott Simpson:

Here’s a secret about the world of large animal veterinarians: until now, big scales have been expensive and poorly built. So it’s fallen to the vet’s assistant, or “footsman,” to weigh the animals. They’re called “footsmen” because they determine the weight of the animal by–you guessed it–having it step on their foot.

Be sure to read the whole thing.

Of course, you can visit the Amazon product page to see them all, and it’s never too late to contribute your own as well.

Ice Recipes and a New Reviewbomb

Back in April of 2010, no doubt in a fit of pique after finding the ice cube trays in her house empty yet again, user ChrissyG posted a snarky “recipe” for making ice. The recipe itself was mildly amusing, particularly the categories (Egg Free!), but it’s the user replies that really shine. Like this one from user “Everbody”:

  • It looked a bit thin so I added some kidney beans (half of a 15 oz. can) and some chicken stock. Try it, you’ll like it!

Or this one from “WhatTheHellIsADD”:

  • To be quite honest, the coldness kind of takes away from the flavor. My Indonesian in-laws advised me to sprinkle a little cumin and a dash of curry power, and it worked!

You can read them all over at

Reviewbomb LogoBetter yet, you can take part in our own bit of webernets trolling, because it’s time for another Amazon Reviewbomb.1 One Foot Tsunami readers have done a couple of reviewbombs before, for Balsamic Vinegar and the Durex Variety Bowl.2

Today, we’re going to review the as-yet-unreviewed Salter Brecknell PS1000 Veterinary 1000lb Scale. Head over to its page and flex those creative muscles, writing the most amusing or ridiculous review you can. Next week, we’ll check back in and reprint some of the best here on OFT.


  1. Reviewbombs can actually be left anywhere. Amazon is simply the largest and most popular marketplace, and thus the best venue for them. ↩︎

  2. It seems likely this was linked somewhere out there on the web, as a number of appreciative readers have recently appeared. ↩︎

Reviewbomb Follow-up

The reviewbomb on the Durex Variety Bowl is in, and it’s a smash! Well done, folks, well done!

From Drew S.’s self-assured foolishness to the delightful crassness of Christa M. to the pleasing licentiousness of Maggie S., I was blown away by the comedy. If you haven’t read the reviews, go do so now – you’ll be glad you did.

As well, Reviewbombing now has a logo. Check him out full size!

The Amazon Reviewbomb logo

Now that’s a good lookin’ logo. Thanks are due to @msteciuk, who has also assisted with various bits of art and design for One Foot Tsunami.

I should also take a minute to express long overdue appreciation to @antichrista for her artwork on the site, including the header and footer seen on every page. Said appreciation is now enshrined on the About page, where it will last forever, or at least until I edit that page again.

Amazon Reviewbombs

Reviewbomb LogoOne of my favorite humor sites, Minor Tweaks, occasionally engages in a practice I’ve come to refer to as reviewbombing. A reviewbomb involves several people all leaving reviews on an as-yet-unreviewed (and generally, very obscure) product. These reviews are generally comical in nature, often tending towards the absurd.

You can take a gander at one I started myself and this Minor Tweaks search should prove illuminating as well. And by the way, Tom, I’m still waiting for my drugs.

Anyhow, yesterday, I wrote about the Durex Variety Bowl. It was pointed out to me that, sadly, the Amazon page for this ridiculous product had no reviews. I think it’s our duty to rectify this. Since Minor Tweaks is on an extended hiatus, and I went to all the trouble of naming the practice, I’m borrowing the Amazon reviewbomb for my own site.

Are you up for it? If so, just visit the Durex Variety Bowl page, and leave a humorous review of some sort.