Reviewbomb Follow-up

The reviewbomb on the Durex Variety Bowl is in, and it’s a smash! Well done, folks, well done!

From Drew S.’s self-assured foolishness to the delightful crassness of Christa M. to the pleasing licentiousness of Maggie S., I was blown away by the comedy. If you haven’t read the reviews, go do so now – you’ll be glad you did.

As well, Reviewbombing now has a logo. Check him out full size!

The Amazon Reviewbomb logo

Now that’s a good lookin’ logo. Thanks are due to @msteciuk, who has also assisted with various bits of art and design for One Foot Tsunami.

I should also take a minute to express long overdue appreciation to @antichrista for her artwork on the site, including the header and footer seen on every page. Said appreciation is now enshrined on the About page, where it will last forever, or at least until I edit that page again.