Amazon Reviewbombs

Reviewbomb LogoOne of my favorite humor sites, Minor Tweaks, occasionally engages in a practice I’ve come to refer to as reviewbombing. A reviewbomb involves several people all leaving reviews on an as-yet-unreviewed (and generally, very obscure) product. These reviews are generally comical in nature, often tending towards the absurd.

You can take a gander at one I started myself and this Minor Tweaks search should prove illuminating as well. And by the way, Tom, I’m still waiting for my drugs.

Anyhow, yesterday, I wrote about the Durex Variety Bowl. It was pointed out to me that, sadly, the Amazon page for this ridiculous product had no reviews. I think it’s our duty to rectify this. Since Minor Tweaks is on an extended hiatus, and I went to all the trouble of naming the practice, I’m borrowing the Amazon reviewbomb for my own site.

Are you up for it? If so, just visit the Durex Variety Bowl page, and leave a humorous review of some sort.