Ice Recipes and a New Reviewbomb

Back in April of 2010, no doubt in a fit of pique after finding the ice cube trays in her house empty yet again, user ChrissyG posted a snarky “recipe” for making ice. The recipe itself was mildly amusing, particularly the categories (Egg Free!), but it’s the user replies that really shine. Like this one from user “Everbody”:

  • It looked a bit thin so I added some kidney beans (half of a 15 oz. can) and some chicken stock. Try it, you’ll like it!

Or this one from “WhatTheHellIsADD”:

  • To be quite honest, the coldness kind of takes away from the flavor. My Indonesian in-laws advised me to sprinkle a little cumin and a dash of curry power, and it worked!

You can read them all over at

Reviewbomb LogoBetter yet, you can take part in our own bit of webernets trolling, because it’s time for another Amazon Reviewbomb.1 One Foot Tsunami readers have done a couple of reviewbombs before, for Balsamic Vinegar and the Durex Variety Bowl.2

Today, we’re going to review the as-yet-unreviewed Salter Brecknell PS1000 Veterinary 1000lb Scale. Head over to its page and flex those creative muscles, writing the most amusing or ridiculous review you can. Next week, we’ll check back in and reprint some of the best here on OFT.


  1. Reviewbombs can actually be left anywhere. Amazon is simply the largest and most popular marketplace, and thus the best venue for them. ↩︎

  2. It seems likely this was linked somewhere out there on the web, as a number of appreciative readers have recently appeared. ↩︎