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Election Watch 2016: Election Day Edition

If you weren’t fortunate enough to vote early, today is the day to take action in America.

Things To Remember When You Vote Today

  • If you need any help voting, get all the relevant information via

  • The following states allow same-day registration for regular voting, so that even if you haven’t yet registered, you can still vote: Colorado, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

  • Your vote is crucial, and you should feel confident in exercising it as you see fit. If you believe you’re witnessing or experiencing voter intimidation, you should call the the national, nonpartisan Election Protection coalition at 866-687-8683.

  • If you’re already in line when the polls close, you get to vote. That’s the law, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • As Linda Sarsour sagely noted, if voting didn’t matter, no one would be trying to stop you from doing it. One party, the Republicans, sought to disenfranchise voters. One candidate, Donald Trump, hopes for victory by suppressing voter turnout. Remember that in the voting booth. Remember it in the future, as well.

  • We will get through this.

Election Watch 2016: November 7th Edition

The American presidential campaign that wouldn’t end has mercifully almost ended. Before it does, however, we still have important work to do in this country. We must each act to protect our nation from the very real threat of a Donald Trump presidency.

Things to Remember When Deciding How to Vote Tomorrow

  • Donald Trump is a compulsive liar, the likes of which I’ve never seen in a presidential candidate, or in any person, period. He lies about things that matter, and things that don’t, and he doesn’t stop lying despite being caught over, and over, and over again.

  • Donald Trump is also a vile bully, one so disturbingly petty that the defining characteristic of his presidential campaign has been an unending barrage of insults directed at hundreds of different targets.

  • Perhaps most alarming, it appears that Trump is a serial sexual assaulter. The man himself boasted in the most vulgar terms of assaulting unsuspecting women. After these boasts came to light, over a dozen women came forward to tell the world that they’d been victims. Trump responding by belittling their looks.

  • Donald Trump’s campaign appears to have taken his Twitter account away from him in recent days, as though he were a misbehaving child. These same people believe we should entrust Trump with the nuclear launch codes. No.

  • Hillary Clinton is not perfect, but she has been a dedicated and capable public servant for almost her entire life. You won’t agree with her on all the issues. You may disagree with her on almost everything. But Hillary Clinton is quite simply the only one of the two major candidates who is fit to be president.

When you go to your polling place tomorrow, vote wisely. Vote for someone who cares about the citizens of this nation. Vote for someone who has worked for decades to help make the world a better place. Vote for someone we can be proud of as the leader of our country.

Vote for Hillary Clinton!

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Election Watch 2016: November 1st Edition

Update (November 6th, 2016): With less than two days until the election, FBI director James Comey has closed the matter once again, and again stated that Hillary Clinton should not be charged with any criminal conduct.

Unfortunately for the world, Hillary Clinton’s private email server is once again in the news, due to a pair of letters sent by FBI Director James Comey last Friday. A review of Comey’s actions throughout this investigation is rather informative, as is a look at what Comey wrote in his letter to people inside the FBI. It includes this key line:

…given that we don’t know the significance of this newly discovered collection of emails, I don’t want to create a misleading impression.

In short, the FBI doesn’t know what they’re looking at, but Comey felt he needed to tell Congress he was looking at something that might be relevant. To do so, he sent an unprecedented letter to the Republican chairmen of eight congressional committees, despite being advised not to do so. That letter has done exactly what he stated he didn’t want to do: created a misleading impression.

Ken Crossland has the definitive primer on the email controversy. Whether you think you’re well-versed in this matter, or you’re unsure what it’s all about, it’s worth a read. Finally, have a look at NPR’s review of the latest information. At present, it certainly appears that there is no new information, no new problems, and nothing new that should influence voters in the election. Hillary Clinton is still the most qualified candidate for president this election, and possibly ever. Meanwhile, Donald Trump remains a vile human who shouldn’t be anywhere near the Oval Office.

Finally, in slightly lighter news, the Yale Record does not endorse Hillary Clinton.

In particular, we do not endorse Hillary Clinton’s exemplary leadership during her 30 years in the public eye. We do not support her impressive commitment to serving and improving this country—a commitment to which she has dedicated her entire professional career. Because of unambiguous tax law, we do not encourage you to support the most qualified presidential candidate in modern American history, nor do we encourage all citizens to shatter the glass ceiling once and for all by electing Secretary Clinton on November 8.

Nobody Should Be Making This Harder for You 

“Elizabeth” is a 35-year-old woman who had to terminate a pregnancy at 32 weeks. Her story is harrowing, and something everyone should read, particularly in light of Donald Trump’s recent mischaracterizations. While this interview is four months old, it’s something women still deal with every single day.

Responding to Threats 

In over 125 years of existence, the Arizona Republic newspaper has never before endorsed a Democrat for president. As a result of the Republican’s disastrous nominee, that changed this year, and it’s led to quite the backlash. Now, their president has offered a tremendous response.

Election Watch 2016: October 18th Edition

We’re just three weeks away from the end of the horror show that is the 2016 American election season, and I for one can’t wait. But before then, it continues to be imperative to convince folks that voting for Donald Trump would be a huge mistake. Today, let’s talk about voter fraud, and voter intimidation.

In recent years, Republicans around the country have passed laws aimed at making it tougher to vote. The reason given for these laws is that we must crack down on voter fraud. The problem with these claims is that voter fraud is so rare as to be non-existent.

Meanwhile, after studying how various groups voted, North Carolina Republicans eliminated voting options favored by those who support opponents. For instance, after learning that voters of color disproportionally make use of early voting, its availability was greatly reduced. On the other hand, elderly voters who lean Republican use absentee voting more than most, and so it was left untouched. This is all simply shameful.

Now, Donald Trump has entered the fray. A spokesman for his campaign was quoted by Time saying they hope for low voter turnout, as it would favor Trump:

“We have no problems going deeper into the mud,” the adviser said. “A low-turnout election is better for us.”

If low turnout is good for you, you should re-think your whole campaign, and possibly your whole life. Democracy is about hearing from as many eligible voters as possible. Anyone who opposes that is headed right down the path toward tyranny.

More recently, Trump has repeatedly whined both broadly and non-specifically about the upcoming election being rigged. Is the election rigged? No! While there are justifiable concerns about things like paperless voting machines and the aforementioned legal changes which have made voting more difficult, America still has one of the most transparent election processes in the world. No one is going to steal the presidency from Donald Trump. He’s simply going to lose it on his own.

Of course, that only happens if all those who oppose Trump make it to the polls on November 8th. We must all refuse to be intimidated by Trump’s fear-mongering attempts at voter intimidation. His racist dog-whistle language must not be enough to swing the election in his favor. Make sure you’re registered to vote, then vote, and help others vote as well.

Register To Vote

Today (October 18th) is the last day to register in Oregon, Kansas, Minnesota, Florida (after multiple extensions, this is really last call), West Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Maine. Tomorrow (October 19th) is the last day to register in Wisconsin, and my home state of Massachusetts. Get more information at

Election Watch 2016: October 11th Edition 

The furor over Trump’s most recent disgusting comments will likely ebb before the election in November. Donald Trump, however, will still be as incredibly unfit for the presidency as ever. Anyone still considering voting for Trump should give Tim Miller a quick read.

Miller has been a spokesman for Jeb Bush and other Republicans, as well as the Republican National Committee itself. He’s certainly no fan of Hillary Clinton, nor Democrats in general. Nevertheless, he’s written out six reasons Republicans should not vote for Trump in November.

Register To Vote

Today is the last day to register in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Texas, New Mexico, Indiana, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arizona, Kentucky, and South Carolina. Get more information at

Update (October 11th, 2016): A federal court ruling has extended Florida’s deadline by at least one day. Don’t delay, however, as Floridians currently have only until Wednesday, October 12th at 5 PM.

Election Watch 2016: October 4th Edition

It’s Tuesday, and the presidential campaign that seems like it may never end still hasn’t ended, so it’s once again time to encourage everyone to vote for Hillary Clinton. Today, let’s take a look at newspaper endorsements.

Perhaps most striking in this area is USA Today’s “anti-endorsement”. As a matter of policy, the paper has never endorsed a candidate. This year, however, they stated explicitly that Donald Trump is “unfit for the presidency.” As the Washington Post notes, USA Today is far from the only paper to steer clear of the Republican nominee. Of particular note are the many conservative papers who’ve declined to endorse Donald Trump, or even endorsed Hillary Clinton.

On Tuesday, the Arizona Republic editorial board endorsed Clinton, marking the first time it had backed a Democrat for president in its 126-year history. The Dallas Morning News, the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Houston Chronicle — all with traditionally conservative editorial pages — have also backed Clinton in recent months. The Enquirer has supported Republicans for president for nearly a century. The Morning News hadn’t backed a Democrat for the White House since before World War II.

As of today, Donald Trump has exactly zero newspaper endorsements, while Libertarian fringe candidate Gary Johnson has six. Hillary Clinton has 23, including 9 papers that endorsed Republican Mitt Romney in 2012. As Ezra Klein wrote, this election isn’t Democrat vs. Republican, it’s normal vs. abnormal. There is only one viable option on November 8th, and that is Hillary Clinton.

Register To Vote

As previously mentioned, you can register to vote at If you think you’re already registered, check your status there to confirm. Once that’s set, talk to your friends, talk to your relatives, and talk to your neighbors. This world would be a far, far worse place with Donald Trump in the Oval Office, but we can prevent that.

Donald Trump Should Not Be President 

The first presidential debate occurred last night, making it an apt time to link to a recent op-ed from the New York Times. In it, they provide a detailed look at just some of the problems with Donald Trump. I’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton in November, and I strongly urge all of my American readers to do the same. This is not a political site, but then, this is not a political decision. Donald Trump is categorically unfit to be president, and were he to win the election, it would be disastrous for both our country and the world. Let us do all we can to avoid that possibility.

First things first, register to vote at If you think you’re already registered, check your status there to confirm.