Election Watch 2016: November 7th Edition

The American presidential campaign that wouldn’t end has mercifully almost ended. Before it does, however, we still have important work to do in this country. We must each act to protect our nation from the very real threat of a Donald Trump presidency.

Things to Remember When Deciding How to Vote Tomorrow

  • Donald Trump is a compulsive liar, the likes of which I’ve never seen in a presidential candidate, or in any person, period. He lies about things that matter, and things that don’t, and he doesn’t stop lying despite being caught over, and over, and over again.

  • Donald Trump is also a vile bully, one so disturbingly petty that the defining characteristic of his presidential campaign has been an unending barrage of insults directed at hundreds of different targets.

  • Perhaps most alarming, it appears that Trump is a serial sexual assaulter. The man himself boasted in the most vulgar terms of assaulting unsuspecting women. After these boasts came to light, over a dozen women came forward to tell the world that they’d been victims. Trump responding by belittling their looks.

  • Donald Trump’s campaign appears to have taken his Twitter account away from him in recent days, as though he were a misbehaving child. These same people believe we should entrust Trump with the nuclear launch codes. No.

  • Hillary Clinton is not perfect, but she has been a dedicated and capable public servant for almost her entire life. You won’t agree with her on all the issues. You may disagree with her on almost everything. But Hillary Clinton is quite simply the only one of the two major candidates who is fit to be president.

When you go to your polling place tomorrow, vote wisely. Vote for someone who cares about the citizens of this nation. Vote for someone who has worked for decades to help make the world a better place. Vote for someone we can be proud of as the leader of our country.

Vote for Hillary Clinton!

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