Election Watch 2016: October 11th Edition 

The furor over Trump’s most recent disgusting comments will likely ebb before the election in November. Donald Trump, however, will still be as incredibly unfit for the presidency as ever. Anyone still considering voting for Trump should give Tim Miller a quick read.

Miller has been a spokesman for Jeb Bush and other Republicans, as well as the Republican National Committee itself. He’s certainly no fan of Hillary Clinton, nor Democrats in general. Nevertheless, he’s written out six reasons Republicans should not vote for Trump in November.

Register To Vote

Today is the last day to register in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Texas, New Mexico, Indiana, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arizona, Kentucky, and South Carolina. Get more information at https://www.usa.gov/register-to-vote.

Update (October 11th, 2016): A federal court ruling has extended Florida’s deadline by at least one day. Don’t delay, however, as Floridians currently have only until Wednesday, October 12th at 5 PM.