Almost One in Eight Republicans Believe Trump Should Drop Out

This was not a good weekend for Donald Trump. After his indefensible comments about women were made public, many prominent Republicans pulled their support for his candidacy. While Trump has vowed to “never withdraw”, polling was conducted to see how the general public felt about Trump ending his presidential campaign. The resulting reports were publicized with headlines like “GOP voters want the party to stand by Trump”.

It seems to me, however, that this story is being reported exactly backwards. With one month to go before the general election, 12% of Republicans think their own candidate should drop out. That is simply unheard of. If Trump withdraws, there’s pretty much a 100% chance that Republicans fail to recapture the presidency. If he stays in, there is perhaps a 95% chance they fail to recapture the presidency. Anyone who believes a Republican should be president, logically should want Trump to stay in no matter what at this point. And yet, almost one in eight people who self-identify as Republicans think he should drop out. That is the story, rather than “Oh, most Republicans think Trump should stick with it”.

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