Metro News (August 5th Edition)

Amusing tidbits from the August 5th, 2009 edition of that crummy-but-free paper, The Metro:

Finalist in drunk driving rap

This headline apparently refers to the fact that a finalist in a local election has been arrested for driving under the influence. Personally, however, I prefer to think there’s some sort of hip-hop & DUI-related contest and it’s almost complete.

Clinton Visit Frees Jailed Journalists

Laura Ling image
Laura Ling

Much to the journalists’ delight, Bill also gave them hoagies from his private stash.

A giant hammock could be hung in the Boston Common, made possible by a microgrant given by the Awesome Foundation. Rhode Island School of Design assistant professor Hansy Better conceptualized the giant hammock, which will open to the public free of charge, permit pending. She was given $1,000 by the Awesome Foundation, a Cambridge-based non-profit that was founded in June.

‘Conceptualized’ is, of course, common shorthand for “smoked copious amounts of marijuana while holding a sketchbook”.

Also, “the Awesome Foundation“? Awesome.