More on How You Get Jury Duty

After yesterday’s post, I received many great new tips on how they get you for jury duty.

Ben Compton was part of the initial discussion I had with JT and tipped me off to one way you get jury duty:

Whenever you buy a lottery ticket ironically.

Next, a few useful hints from Twitter:

Thinking about taking one extra item through the Express Lane at the supermarket? Careful, that’s how you get jury duty!


When a stranger leaves their cell phone behind, and you give it back to them, you’re totally getting jury duty.


You touch yourself at night. #howyougetjuryduty


Friend and co-worker Mike Ash had a good list of scenarios that get you jury duty:

Any time you use air quotes.

Every time you buy groceries, and you get plastic bags, and one of those little leftover pieces of plastic comes off the bag and sticks to your hand, and you toss it on the ground instead of finding a trash can.

Every time you swear.

Whenever you mentally undress attractive waitresses.

And finally, I’ve pulled the best of the best from a list Christa Mrgan sent, for how you get jury duty:

Running your sprinkler system when it’s raining.

Printing out emails.

Calling to say you’ve emailed.

Failing to properly mark the decaf coffee.

Brewing decaf coffee.

If you work in a grocery store, ordering or stocking decaf coffee.

For my part, I’m left hoping that making a post out of other people’s content doesn’t get me more jury duty.