Signs of Intelligent Life?

There are many signs in the world. At their best, signs are easy to comprehend, helpful, and informative. Often times, however, they are not. These hilariously flawed signs are the ones I seem to find most often, in my never-ending quest for signs of intelligent life. Be sure to click to see the full-size images.

The Prairie
[Photo credit: Katie Smillie]


Cult Ad
[Photo credit: Katie Smillie]

In hindsight, I’m sure it seems obvious that this would be far more popular than the original dead pony ride concept. But business is all about experimenting to find what works.

Bi Door

I’ll be the first to admit, this is not always the most mature quest. But if you didn’t giggle at that a bit, you’ve got no soul.

Have you spotted a great sign yourself? Send a photo my way.