Money Quotes: October 23rd, 2009 Edition

It’s time to enjoy money quotes from the news.

First up, Microsoft has opened up their first retail store. They had a big crowd on-hand, but it might have been a bit of a construct, as many visitors were there due to the offering of concert tickets.

“I’m not into computer stuff,” Harrell said, adding that she and her daughter would go to the concert but likely would never return to the Microsoft store.

In local news, a transportation company is attempting to start a Cambridge-to-New York City bus service, and running into problems with obtaining a license to drive in Cambridge.

[Curreri] said that a Harvard Law School student attempted to defend the company’s right to operate in Cambridge, but was unsuccessful.

I don’t know if that says bad things about Harvard Law School, or just Curreri, but it seems to me that perhaps you could do a bit better than a law student. Perhaps, say, a lawyer? But here’s your money quote:

“We are waiting on them to come to the understanding that I’m right so that we don’t have to have a confrontation.”

Right! Good luck with that.

Two days ago, a flight missed its landing by 150 miles. Now first up, 150 miles is the number all articles are quoting, and it sounds like a lot. It’s useful to think about this in terms of airspeed, however. 150 miles is a long way in a car, but in a plane, it’s just a few minutes, maybe up to about 15. The money quote, however, is in the pilots’ explanation for what happened:

Northwest flight overshot the Minneapolis airport after the pilots became engaged in a “heated discussion over airline policy,” they told U.S. safety investigators.

Ah right, a “heated discussion”. You know, when you get really tired, and you lie back, close your eyes, and just drift off to a nice heated discussion? No, they were asleep. They’re gonna be fired. The end.

Finally, in more vapid news, Salman Rushdie apparently dates attractive women (though frankly Pia Glenn’s eyebrow(s) scare the bejesus out of me). His latest, Min Lieskovsky, has previously dated a meatier type of man.

[Rushdie] is definitely not Miss Lieskovsky’s usual type. She has openly boasted about her love for male models. Writing in the magazine ElleGirl last year, the Chinese/Hungarian said: ‘I’m addicted to male models. I’ve dated six of the world’s top models, as ranked by, the so-called NASDAQ of modelling.’

Hey, wow, that’s really neat for you! You don’t sound conceited at all.