Assorted World Series 2009 Thoughts

I’ve always said that rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for Superman. Or gravity. They always seem to win, so what’s the point?

Following the Yankees 27th goddamned World Series title, I was left with a few thoughts.

  • Oh great, a reason for Yankee fans to be even more insufferable than usual.

  • At least Cole Hamels got his wish.

  • Jesus H. Christ, just how much do the Yankees have to spend to buy a championship?

    Oh right. $208 million dollars. It’s $208 million, guys.

  • Witness more proof of the Curse of Mattingly, first discovered back in 2005 (then shamelessly ripped off by SportsCenter). It took a year to shake it off this time.

  • So, Jimmy Rollins, I guess the Phillies were feeling nice?

  • Ah well. Congratulations to the 2009 World Series Champion Yankees and their fans.

    You miserable sons of bitches.