Jones-Drew Apologizes to Self, Other Fantasy Owners 

Down 21 – 22 with under two minutes to play in yesterday’s game against the Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew took a knee just before the end zone. In so doing, he kept his offense on the field, and took the Jets’ offense out of the game. The Jaguars proceeded to run down the clock before kicking an easy field goal to win the game, 24 – 22, as time ran out.

This was a blow to fantasy football owners, however, who earns points based on how players perform. A touchdown by a player you own will net you 6 points. A game-winning knee-taking at the 1/2 yard line followed by the player’s team running down the clock and kicking a last-second field goal, however, isn’t worth anything. Following the game, Jones-Drew apologized:

“Sorry to my fantasy owners. I apologize. I had myself today. It was a tough call, but whatever it takes to get the victory, that’s what counts.”

This does, of course, beg the question: Are there weeks when Jones-Drew doesn’t have himself on his own fantasy football team?

Update: Via Twitter, @IainDelaney linked me to this tale of Matt Hasselbeck benching himself, only to score 27 fantasy points – the most in the NFL that week. Oops.