By The Numbers

TD Bank

Number of days since the new TD Bank put up their “Open 7 Days A Week” sign: 47

Number of days the new TD Bank has been open since erecting said sign: 0

Estimated number of days until the new TD Bank will be open, as predicted by the construction foreman: 38

Pontiac Silverdome

Cost to construct Detroit’s Pontiac Silverdome, built in 1975: $220 million (2009 dollars)

Cost to purchase Detroit’s Pontiac Silverdome in 2009: $583,000 (2009 dollars)

Price I would have bid, had I known it was on the market, just to say “I own the Silverdome”: At least $583,001

Number of chicks I would have gotten with the pick-up line: “I own the Silverdome”: At least 1

Car Alarms

Number of minutes a car alarm has been going off in a nearby lot: 13

Number of people who seem to give a rat’s ass: 0

Annoyance level, on a scale of 1-10, at the useless car alarm industry: 7.6

Number of Fenway Park Authenticated Bricks currently in my house: 2