Last Wednesday, Fox News correspondent Major Garrett tweeted a link, ostensibly to notes about the State of the Union address. The only problem? His link actually went to a site for hiring call girls in Las Vegas. Oops!

Following this, Garrett deleted the tweet and said:

I apologize. Bit.ly turned my original link to SOTU excerpts to a soft-porn link. NOT my intention. [Link]

and then:

For those suckling snide syrup. I publicly acknowledged an innocent mistake and corrected it. [Link]

An “innocent mistake”? Really, Major? The first follow-up appeared to be an attempt to blame the URL shortener, bit.ly. That is, of course, bunk. It doesn’t happen, bit.ly doesn’t screw up links like this. But later, it instead became an “innocent mistake”? Come on!

Major, if you’re going to use bullshit guns, at least stick to your bullshit guns, no matter how many flies you attract or how disgusting your hands start to smell.