Since the Arrest, Crime in Vermont Is Down 93% 

Jeremiah Sadler of Vermont has been on a crime spree in 2010. Since the year began he’s committed myriad crimes, including stealing six different cars, four of them in one wild night. Sadler’s been caught every single time, and he has now confessed to most of these crimes. He did so in almost Sutton-esqe1 fashion:

Subaru’s were particularly reliable targets, [Sadler] told Ambroz.

“He said: ‘I go for Subaru’s because Subaru owners leave their cars unlocked with the keys in it all the time,'” said Ambroz.

My favorite part of the story, however, is the description of part of Sadler’s spree on February 1st, after he crashed a Subaru Impreza in a field.

Sadler told police he lost control of the car and drove into a field where he finally had to stop, records state, so he jumped out and took off running as the police officer chased him with a flashlight.

As Sadler fled on foot, he continued to enter unlocked cars and steal loose change, the affidavit states.

Picture it! He’s wrecked a car, after leading a cop on a high speed chase. Now, Sadler’s fleeing on foot with a police officer in hot pursuit. And what is he doing? He’s breaking into cars to steal pennies from the ashtrays!

Then, later on:

Sadler took off in this car and continued stealing loose change from three other vehicles, according to police.

The man got another car, and instead of just getting away as fast as possible, he stopped to steal change from three more cars! That is truly some obsessively-compulsive numismatic lunacy.


  1. When a journalist asked bank robber Willie Sutton why he robbed banks, he was (likely erroneously) reported to have replied “Because that’s where the money is”. ↩︎