The Watering Hole Is Disgusting 

In an effort to get pictures of wild lions, wildlife photographer Greg du Toit went to some disgusting lengths.

The defiant photographer had endured a year of failed attempts at getting the right picture after building hides and digging trenches near the animals’ drinking spot. In a final desperate effort, the 32-year-old decided to take the plunge and climb into the murky pool with his camera…he sat semi-submerged for 270 hours to get the big cats on film.

Lions at the watering hold

The pictures are amazing, and you should visit the link to see big, beautiful images. In the course of taking these photos, however, du Toit contracted Bilharzia, Malaria, and Hook Worm. According to du Toit:

‘It was worth it 100 per cent and I would do it all again, worms and all.’