Perception Is Reality

I often order used books and CDs online, via sites like or Amazon. These purchases ensure that I receive a steady flow of packages in the mail, which in turns deludes me into believing that someone, somewhere, loves me.

At an average cost of under $5 per purchase, this system is far less expensive than either psychotherapy or frequenting prostitutes. It’s a win for me, a win for the sellers, and a win for the US Postal Service.

Well, it was a win for the USPS, until I received this particular package:

The Package

This book came in the mail, brought to me by a postal worker in short pants. It traveled some 3000 miles to get here, all so it could shatter my illusions.

You see, all my life, I’ve been stamping envelopes and paying for postage on packages. No more! After receiving this package and looking at the upper right corner, I now know it’s as simple as this:

The Stamp

So thank you, Timothy Wall of California. You’ve shown me that a package can make it across the entire continent on the fumes of fantasy. In so doing, you’ve opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to compensation.

Now who wants some Kafasis Bucks?

It's Money!
Kafasis Bucks – They’re Money!