What a Letdown

In almost any situation, if you find yourself saying “what a letdown”, just stop and punch yourself in the face. The phrase smacks of entitlement and generally sounds whiny.

That said, the search query “what a letdown” does yield some entertaining results on Twitter.

Many letdowns are related to disappointments about sports. This one, however, is about golf.

  • Man, I just tuned in to golf, ready for some final round drama, and then realized it’s only the third round today. What a letdown.

This guy was, apparently, hoping to get laid mid-air.

  • This flight is a total sausage party. What a letdown.

Food-related letdowns are both common and amusing.

  • These cinnamon rolls are awful. What a letdown.

  • Thought you were serving them with scallions. What a letdown.

  • What a letdown, my Crystal Light peach iced tea will NOT mix all the way into my water. WTF. 🙁

This one, however, is just odd.

  • I thought I saw a pizza on someone’s roof today. In the end it was a wreath that had blown up there… What a letdown. –@marie_george

Perhaps instead of ‘letdown’, she meant ‘comedown’, as in “from her high”?

Meanwhile, some people are let down by things that they really shouldn’t be wishing for in the first place.

  • Just woke up again. No hangover. What a letdown.

  • wow. i just realized i’m nothing like john madden. we’re not similar at all. what a letdown.

And some letdowns occur after seeing something in person:

Reality – the ultimate letdown.

To really tie the whole “stupid tweet” and “what a letdown” thing together, @MelissaShiz is here to help:

  • i have nothing to tweet about. what a letdown.