It Seems Like an Awfully Niche Market

Every so often, lingerie catalogs like Victoria’s Secret show up in the mail, unrequested but admittedly not entirely undesired. Recently one from Victoria’s Secret’s sluttier cousin, Frederick’s of Hollywood, showed up.

Seeing this catalog reminded me of something I realized previously. Have a look at these quick scans:

Green. See-thru. No nipples.
[Click to enlarge]

Sparkles, but no nipples.
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Drinking, no nipples
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Can you spot the common theme? Sadly, it seems all of these women were born with bilateral athelia – the complete absence of nipples. It was noticing this plenitude of nippleless models which led me to realize that Frederick’s is actually aiming their product at a very specific market.

Frederick’s of Hollywood: Lingerie for women without nipples.