The Man Behind @BPGLobalPR 

@BPGlobalPR is a satirical Twitter account, skewering BP and the catastrophic oil spill that is still going on. Is this a funny situation? Absolutely not. But “Leroy Stick”, the man behind the account, explains it well:

Why has this caught on? I think it’s because people can smell the bullshit and sometimes laughing at it feels better than getting angry or depressed over it.

The account isn’t earning any money, nor is it intended to. It’s an outlet, a way to vent and perhaps raise awareness. Best of all, they’ve just made a $10,000 donation to, with money raised via the sale of their “BP Cares” shirts.

You may also like to see some of @BPGlobalPR’s messages, in hilariously depressing billboard form.

BP Mermaid Billboard

Laughter is a way to mourn.