Alright, Once More

Look, I don’t want to feed this stupidity. I previously mentioned my disdain for celebrity “news”. But too many people shared recent awful news of Lindsay Lohan to ignore it. I’ll try to cover these two items quickly.

First up, Lohan was in court on Tuesday for a probation hearing. She’d been given three years of probation for multiple DUIs back in 2007, and was facing jail time. Surely the young Ms. Lohan realized the gravity of the situation, and showed deep respect for the court?

Lindsay Lohan's classless message to the court
Ah, yes. Classy.

For the second item, a quick timeline of Lohan’s legal woes may be informative. Lohan was busted on a DUI in 2007 and caught in possession of cocaine. Two months later, she was again charged with driving under the influence, as well as driving with a suspended license, and possession of a controlled substance. A subsequent plea deal near the end of 2007 had her spending one day in jail1, performing 10 days of community service and required her to complete an 18-month drug-treatment program. She was also placed on 36 months’ probation.

At Tuesday’s hearing, after violating her probation and missing 9 of 27 required drug-treatment classes (citing a litany of excuses, including the death of an uncle whose funeral she didn’t attend), Lohan received 90 days in jail.

So, after all this, what did the ridiculous Dina Lohan have to say?

“This is so not fair to do this to my child.”



  1. Apparently, she ultimately spent an entire 84 minutes in jail. ↩︎