We Didn’t Know You Knew

Mockery of Taco Bell is not a new thing here on OFT. The Drive-Thru Diet was laughed about back in January and the absurd response to the passing of Taco Bell founder Glen Bell was chronicled in February. If there’s a good joke to be made at the expense of Taco Bell, I won’t hesitate.

The current front page of Taco Bell’s website, however, leaves little room for additional comedy:

It's not food. It's fourthmeal.
“It’s not food. It’s fourthmeal.”

Taco Bell, you are deserving of praise for your honest and forthright marketing1. This ad isn’t actually revealing anything to the general public, of course, as we all knew this. We just didn’t know that you knew.


  1. Lest you think the above image has been doctored, I’ve grabbed a full screenshot of their front page from the early morning on July 27, 2010. ↩︎