Oh Come On!

Near the entrance of a nearby K-8, there is a display showing the fundraising efforts the school did to assist Haiti. This sign is a testament to the fine charity efforts of the school’s students, who raised over $3600 to help erect new buildings in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. The sign is also evidence of the obliviousness of every single adult who has entered the school since the sign was first hung.

How did no one see this?!
“Almost there…so close…so close! Yes! YES! YES!!! WE DID IT!”1

I do wish I also had picture from before the fundraising efforts had climaxed. Either way though, wow indeed.2


  1. If you really want to make this caption creepy and disgusting, add the word “kids” anywhere you like. ↩︎

  2. This sign was first spotted by one Ms. Steciuk, who happens to be celebrating a birthday today. Happy birthday! ↩︎