RCMP Bust Grow Op Being Guarded by Bears 

After acting on a tip reporting an outdoor marijuana grow-op, RCMP officers descended on the remote site, about 700 km southwest of Calgary, only to be greeted by up to 14 black bears that Sgt. Fred Mansveld is convinced were there to ward off pot bandits.

Apparently, the bears were quite docile, as seen in the ridiculous photos. Even armed officers should be a bit more frightened than this:

Officers and a Bear

“Maybe they mixed some pot into the food — it’s possible it’s why they were so laid-back…they were just lolligagging around,” he said, adding the bears had made friends with a raccoon and pot bellied pig also found on the property.

Friends with a raccoon and pot-bellied pig, eh? It’s possible someone mixed something into your food too, Sgt. Fred Mansveld.