Luck of the Irish 

Apparently, everything you’ve ever heard about the Irish curse is true. 5 weeks after Claire Robson gave birth to a baby girl, doctors realized she had, in fact, actually given birth to a baby boy. Whoops.

In the doctors’ defense, Dylan (née Olivia) was born 11 weeks prematurely and also has a genital abnormality known as hypospadias, complicating the gender identification. However, it’s difficult to fathom why parents Claire and Andrew made this public. How will Dylan fare in later life?

“We’ll all be able to have a laugh about it when he’s older, but I’m sure he won’t like the fact that people though he was a girl when he’s a teenager.”

“We’ll also be keeping the pink cards for when Dylan gets older so he can have a look at them all.”

While the parents have obviously come to terms with this unexpected switch, it all seems like a recipe for years of therapy and mental health problems for young Dylan.

“It’s a story to tell the grandchildren.”

Or to prevent yourself from ever having any.