OK Go With Friends

If you’ve been on the Internet in the past five years, you’ve probably seen some of OK Go’s videos. From the simple backyard dance video for “A Million Ways” to the treadmill video for “Here It Goes Again”, they’ve been viewed tens (possibly hundreds) of millions of times. The videos are simple, they’re fun, and they’re incredibly popular.

With their latest album “Of The Blue Colour of the Sky”, OK Go seems to have kicked things into overdrive. Their first official video for “This Too Shall Pass” used the entire Notre Dame marching band, while a second video for the same song created a massive Rube Goldberg device. Most recently, the insane time-lapse video for “End Love” distorted reality.

Today, they’ve unveiled their latest video. It’s for the song “White Knuckles”, and it’s just about guaranteed to brighten your day.

OK Go Video Still
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Once you’ve smiled and laughed at it the first time, go back and watch again. Some of the best parts are the little things, like the near-screwup at 0:30 or the perfect on-the-beat move at 2:30. Don’t miss the strange cameo at 2:51 either. Then, you can read about how the video was created over at NYMag.com, and learn just how much of a dick that guest star apparently was.