Follow-Up on Buckyballs 

It’s a day of follow-up links here on OFT. In discussing magnetic desk toys, I specifically pointed to Buckyballs because of the amusing warning found on their case. There are, however, many companies which sell a similar (and similarly-dangerous) product.

One such company is Zen Magnets. Apparently, Zen Magnets has been competing based on the superior quality of their product, and this has raised the hackles of Jake Bronstein of Buckyballs. Slashdot summarizes and there’s also a somewhat-bizarre, more-than-a-little obsessive video Zen Magnets made1 to explain things.

On the one hand, it seems Jake Bronstein of Buckyballs is kind of a jackass, and it’s regrettable to have promoted his company. On the other hand, the folks from Zen Magnets don’t acquit themselves well with their video. So, what magnetic desk ball toy should you buy? Hard science seems to show that Zen Magnets are ultimately the way to go, but who would have guessed that such a simple toy could cause so much anxiety?


  1. In case this YouTube link dies, the movie is also mirrored here. ↩︎