Seen on the iPhone

It looks like isn’t the only developer getting in on the act of goofy release notes. For instance, the Siri virtual assistant application is getting in on the fun as well. Siri speaks to users in the first person (“What can I help you with?”), and the app’s release notes follow the same pattern:

Siri Screenshot

  • I’ve shined up my appearance and now support the Retina Display (I heard you!)

Yelp apparently didn’t have anything worth talking about in their update, so they just started making things up. I hope, anyhow.

Yelp Screenshot

  • Bug fixes, including the rare one where the app auto-prank calls that nearby dive bar with the surly bouncer. Our bad.

The most amusing thing recently seen on the iPhone, however, is the default Game Center friend request message. Take a look at this plaintive cry:

Game Center Friend Request Screenshot

  • I’d like you to be my friend.

Now that’s just sad.