Clearly, We Can Trust the TSA 

A new Smoking Gun report shows that in January, travelers at Philadelphia International fell victim to the pranks of an on-duty TSA worker. The unnamed security official pretended to discover drugs inside the luggage of at least two travelers, before admitting his “joke” and moving them along. The TSA is tasked with making all modes of transportation safe, so how did other workers react to this perverse display?

As part of its probe of the pranks, investigators spoke with other TSA employees, five of whom confirmed that the officer had tried to trick passengers into thinking that cocaine was found in their luggage. One worker said that they told the officer, “Don’t do that,” when a victim of the prank appeared distraught.

Only one of the workers interviewed, however, informed a supervisor of what was transpiring at the security checkpoint.

“Don’t do that” just doesn’t cut it. I cracked wise when talking about having the TSA meet the resistance, but ultimately, this is no laughing matter. Abuses of authority are a fact of life. We need to avoid giving an agency like the TSA the power to make these abuses cause real harm.

Put another way, would you trust this unnamed assclown with naked body scans of you?