Steve, Don’t Eat It! 

If you enjoyed the sacrificing of my taste buds to Four Loko, you should absolutely check out Steve, Don’t Eat It!. This running feature from the all-too-infrequently-updated site The Sneeze has some of the biggest, funniest, and grossest laughs on all the web.

Steve tries some of the most vile things that can still be called food, and then reports on them. From his very first post in the series, on Potted Meat Food Product:

Inside is a smooth, oddly pink meat paste. So smooth, in fact, I dare call it “creamy.” (I actually got a little gaggy just typing that.) Surprisingly, it was a little spicier than I expected. Although, that sensation may have been a by-product of my tastebuds dying.

Thus far Steve has sampled ten different bizarre foods, and the whole series is worth a read. You may want to wait until after lunch, however.