Spotted at the Five and Dime

The West Concord Five & Ten is a lovely little five and dime store where approximately1 nothing actually costs five or ten cents anymore. It’s filled with items both old (yet unopened) and new, from decades-old hair curlers to toys fresh off the boat from China, like this one:

Miniature Bowling toy
“Simulating the true styles and making carefully!”

Be sure to note the inconsistent pin stripe size and the odd, duck-like bowling ball. What really makes the whole thing, however, is how emphatic that gibberish is. I don’t have the slightest clue what the package is trying to tell me, but with the closing exclamation point, I know it sure is excited about it.


  1. The individually-wrapped oversized Sour Patch Kid I bought ran exactly 5¢. ↩︎