It’s a Belt! It’s Suspenders! It’s Stupid, Man!

The human body just isn’t made for pants sagging. People are wider at their hips and get narrower down toward the ground. Once pants are sagged below the waist, they tend to head toward the ground and require constant attention.

Now, a way to fight gravity has been found, and it’s called Subs. As described in this New York Daily News article:

Part garter belt and part suspenders, the “Subs” gadget fastens around the waist like a belt and is connected to expandable straps that clip onto pants, regulating how low-slung they are.

Sure, people could just buy pants that actually fit. But after at least 15 years of sagging, that doesn’t seem too likely. So, now Andrew Lewis is selling his invention via his website, and in stores around New York City. As absurd as the whole thing is, it’s ultimately a solution to a very real, albeit very stupid, problem. So, good for Lewis.

Of course, if you actually need one of these yourself, that’s another matter entirely:

Subs in action
Subs in action

It’s especially great that the model is still wearing a now-completely-functionless belt with the pants.