Crazy Cores Skittles

Crazy Core Skittles advertise themselves as having “two flavors in each piece”. There’s an exterior shell with one flavor, and then a crazy core with another flavor. But how do these Skittles stack up? Here’s a flavor-by-flavor review.

Crazy Cores Skittles

Mango Peach

This is one of the most realistic Skittles in the package, as it has two real flavors associated with it, mango and peach. The exterior shell does taste faintly like peach, but I would also describe the overall flavor as “sweaty”. Once chewed, the mango taste is barely there, and certainly does not act as a much-needed antiperspirant.

Cherry Lemonade

Cherry Lemonade is a complex Skittle. Like a fine wine, you need to let it breathe, because the exterior cherry shell on its own is overpowering. Biting allows the lemonade flavoring to mix in. Once you do, you’ll enjoy the best Skittle in the pack.

Strawberry Watermelon

There’s not a lot to say here. As with Mango Peach, there are two real flavors to enjoy here, and they’re decent enough. It’s a C+ flavor, maybe a B- if it came by after class for some extra credit. However, the Skittle is green with a pink core. If this were just a watermelon Skittle, it would be perfect. Instead, we’re left to wonder just who is eating green strawberries.

Melon Berry

Apparently, Skittles feels they’ve managed to captured the flavor of “melon”, and mixed it with the flavor of “berry”. What kind of melon? What kind of berry? No one knows. This nebulous flavor boggles the mind and stumps the taste buds.

Blue Raspberry Lemon

It’s awful, just awful. If you’ve ever wondered what it would taste like to drink Mr. Clean, just try the Blue Raspberry Lemon flavor. You may well wish you’d downed the toxic cleaning product instead. Is it really any surprise that Blue Raspberry has struck again?

Overall? Crazy Cores Skittles are passable, but on the whole, lousy.