At Last!

Angry Birds is a ridiculously popular video game, one that is played for a cumulative 65 million minutes a day. That means more than 123 and a half years are wasted flinging virtual birds into virtual pigs each and every day.

Now, Angry Birds is taking the form of a board game. Mattel was showing off Angry Birds: Knock On Wood at this year’s CES1. At just $14.99, it’s likely to be a hit, but what caught my eye was the tagline (click to enlarge the picture):

Angry Birds Board Game
“Now kids can play the #1 paid app in real life!”

Sure, 50 million people have downloaded the app, but what everyone’s really been waiting for is the board game version. That makes about as much sense as Battleship: The Movie.



  1. CES actually stands for Consumer Electronics Show, making it rather incongruous to demo the board-game version of a video game there. And yet, it worked. ↩︎