If It Ain’t Broke, Reboot 

Comic book movies have been big business for a decade or two now, but most of the films based on superheroes have been mediocre at best. Perhaps the very best comic book adaptations have been Christopher Nolan’s two excellent Batman films, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. They’ve been consistently well-reviewed, and currently both sit in the IMDB top #250 films of all time, at #113 and #10 respectively.

It’s thus somewhat surprising to read that even as Nolan’s third Batman movie is in production, Warner Brothers is stating that they plan to “reboot” the Batman franchise to better fit the character into their future Justice League movie. Nolan and his team obviously know what they’re doing, creating both profitable and excellent movies, so it’s painful to see that excellent work be tossed aside. As expressed over at TG Daily:

They should force Nolan’s current Batman into the Justice League, even if he doesn’t quite blend at the edges. Planning to reboot his story again while the final film of his current trilogy isn’t even in production yet is just silly.