Polish Drinks Are Different

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

In addition to their strange street signs, drinks in Poland are…different. This first became clear when perusing a menu of shooters:

Baby Guiness

Once upon a time, pregnant women in the UK were advised to drink Guinness. While it’s never been proposed that babies drink Guinness, it would at least give them an excuse for their irrational behavior. Ultimately though, that could just be “Wimpy Guinness”. Not something you’d want to order, perhaps, but not so strange.

The divergence of Polish drinks is best shown with another image of a drink list. For many people, this image is likely not safe for work. That a drink menu could contain something not safe for viewing at work may sound dubious. Be sure to swallow anything you’re drinking, so you don’t spit it out at your screen, then take a gander at what was on offer at one Polish restaurant:

Blow Job Shot
Wow. Just…wow.

Drinking a “Sex on the beach” doesn’t seem quite so risque anymore, does it? Please note the topper on that shot, both literally and figuratively: whipped cream.

Update (September 21st, 2011): Multiple readers are writing in to tell me that this shot exists in the US, and other places. In all my years of drinking, I’ve never come across it. Seeing it in a foreign country, it struck me as so far beyond the pale that it simply had to be a result of poor English skills. Apparently not.

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