Real Or Fake? (October 28th, 2011 Edition)

The much-beloved game “Real or Fake?” has recently received some improvements, and it’s time to show them off. If you don’t recall or haven’t seen it, in this game, you guess whether a news item is fact or fiction.

Play along by reading a headline or story summary below, then deciding if you think it’s a real story from a proper news site or a fake, from somewhere like The Onion. After you’ve made your pick, click “Answer” to reveal the truth, then read more by clicking the link.

Let’s get ready to answer the question:

Is it Real or Fake?

1. Pat Robertson: God Let Zoo Animals Escape to Bite Gay People (Answer)

2. Clooney’s Satellites Capture Piles of Bodies, Mass Graves in Sudan (Answer)

3. Diplomacy Breaks Down Amid Bieber Fever (Answer)

4. First-Ever Gay ‘Dear John’ Letters Begin Reaching U.S. Troops Overseas (Answer)

5. Gadhafi Put on Display in Shopping Center Freezer (Answer)

That last one may just be the most disturbing Real or Fake ever, and it’s certainly the closer for this round. We’ll try to top it next time though!