Noel Gallagher, Super Excited To Be Here

Peevish former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher has apparently decided to endorse an Adidas shoe, possibly to help further his solo career alongside the release of an upcoming solo album. With some rocking sellouts previously seen on this site, enthusiasm was part of the package. Noel, however, seems to be offering a different take on the whole “celebrity endorsement” concept.

Noel Gallagher Looking Thrilled
Not Exactly Ringing

That’s an official promotional image from Adidas, which would make you think it’s the best they could get. One can only imagine the awfulness of those photos they opted to discard. I bet we could learn a lot from those pictures. For example, a whole new repertoire of obscene gestures!

The shoes themselves look nice enough, yet even the cartoon Noel seen on the tongue refuses to smile. Ultimately, one must wonder if this supposed “endorsement” is hiding something much more sinister than a mere cranky pop star. Thus, two very important questions must be asked: “Has anyone seen Noel Gallagher lately?” and “How do you report a corporation for abduction and blackmail?”