Aliquando Fidelis

It seems US Marines are getting awfully cocky lately. It all began in June, when Sergeant Scott Moore posted a brief YouTube video (from Afghanistan) asking actress Mila Kunis to his Marine Corps ball in November. After Justin Timberlake cajoled Kunis into accepting, he received his own invitation from Corporal Kelsey De Santis in Quantico, for her Washington, D.C. ball. True to their word, both Timberlake and Kunis did attend their respective balls in November.

While these Marines likely didn’t imagine their requests would lead to anything more than a friendly date, it did work out to at least that, and perhaps more. One has to assume this is not the case for the bold Lance Corporal Aaron Leeks, who recently asked out Michelle Obama. As in, the wife of Leeks’ ultimate boss, President and commander-in-chief Barack Obama.

Crazy Marine
Aaron Leeks asks out his boss’s wife

This may not be the worst idea ever, but it’s up there. If you’re going to try to steal another man’s woman, that man probably shouldn’t have the authority to order you into incredibly dangerous combat situations. Just, ya know, as a general rule.