As American As Apple Ple

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Five years ago yesterday, Apple unveiled the very first iPhone. Two months earlier, this photo was snapped with a Sony Ericsson T637, at one of New England’s Building #19 discount stores1.

Apple Ples [sic]

Like everything at Building #19, these signs were very, very cheap.

Three Questions for This Typo-tastic Sign

  • Doesn’t it seem like, instead of giving up on the signs and selling them for pennies on the dollar, the manufacturer could just have painted that “L” into an “I?

  • Even without the typo, who exactly wants a sign that just says “Apple Pies” anyway?

  • Can you believe cell phone cameras were ever this bad?


  1. Phones (and their cameras) have changed a lot since then, but Building 19’s website hasn’t. ↩︎

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